Monday, 7 May 2018


This is my ANZAC art, this drawing shows the ANZUS landing and getting shot because the other side had higher ground. In the top right corner is a little map that shows were the ANZUS landed at Gallipoli. My artwork is called The tragic landing at Gallipoli.

Thursday, 22 March 2018


My W.I.T is about protecting our bush and land and recycling New Zealand as much as we can. The  main focus is to design and paint an artwork, and to send a message through your art. You had to chose a style of art. The art styles were Pop art, Cubism, Impressionism or a negotiated art style. So picked cubism because I had never heard about it so I thought I should give it  a try. Then we had to pick message to communicate in our art style. The options were Kaitiakitanga or to communicate a nature/conservation message OR tell them about local iwi. I picked kaitiakitanga because I knew that I wanted to send a message out there to PROTECT our land.  

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The big day

They dropped of me and my cousins we had to get out of the Maserati very carefully trying not to scratch it. We were outside taking photos for an hour and a half. Then we went into the jasmine room and waited for 2-3 hours.
A guy came into the room saying everyone get ready.

“Are you ready for Lila and Michael”
The song despacito came on,the doors open I take a deep breath and go.
Michael was on my hip waving to people.
I just smiled and walked. I got to the end and gave Michael to his Aunty and went to the side of the dance floor, waiting for my cousins to come out.

“ Are you ready for James and Julia”
James and Julia came out I started to laugh so hard because My cousin James came out a little bit drunk not to much though. he was spinning around and left my cousin Julia just walking and dancing at the same time. Julia came to me and James went to the other side.

By now your most likely to be thinking were are you and what are you doing. Well I am carrying a 1 kg bunch of flowers and I Am a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding so yeah.

2 minutes later

“Are you ready for the beautiful Bride Raquel and the Handsome GROOOOM Issam”
Raquel came out with a really long dress that was 5 meters long (Maybe not five meters long, but, it was very long) dancing trying not to fall over. They came onto the dance floor The drummers came out and started to drum there hearts out. They started to circle the bride and the groom for 20 minutes and then stopped.

All of the grooms men came out and the all the Bridesmaids came out, me and Julia were so close to the drummer he nearly hit us, so we just partied and went back at the same time. Then you would here this
Bridesmaids and groomsman and of corse the bride and groom may sit down.

They came to me with some really yummy pasta I ate all of it, it was that good.
Then they came and gave us chicken I ate half of that because I had already had a wonderful pasta. Then all of a sudden some Spanish dancers came out dancing. They yelled
“Everybody up from the table come down and we will teach you some moves”

We all went back up to the table when then pudding came. It was this really good chocolate cake with chocolate sauce everywhere, of corse I had to eat all of it so yeah.  “Speeches the dad of the bride may go first” My uncle just said out of no were
“Hey I would like to just point out that this wonderful bridesmaid has come all the way from new Zealand and is only 10”

Now here comes that guy yeah you know who that guy is. “Bride and groom can you please come down for a dance.” They came down steam started to apear underneath them. They kissed in the middle of the dance floor. Everyone started to clap. They came back up to the table and sat down, 10 minutes later that guy came again saying “dance time”
but this time the dance was only 20 minutes because that guy came again and said
“The bride would love to spend her last dance with her father”
My uncle went down and they swayed side to side. They both came back up. A car came from the side when we were all dancing it was a Rolls Royce they carefully went into the car and took off.


Tuesday, 13 June 2017

How to make fluffy slime

Stuff  you will need:  2 jars, bowl, spoon, hot water, borax, shaving cream and GLUE


1. Put the glue into the bowl
2. Get 1 of the jars and put one TSP of borax into the hot water that is in the jar and wait until it devolves. (Stir it so it goes faster)
3.Once done set it aside and get your bowl of glue make sure to put a little bit less shaving cream than glue and stir to combined. (at this point you should put in color if you like.)
4. Now add a TSP of the borax solution at a time untill it pulls away from the bowl, start needing the slime until it doesn't stick to your hands. Add more borax solution if needed. Knead to your desired consistency. Add lotion if it isn't stretchy.
                                             now you have your slime.
store it in an air tight container.(Which would be the second jar)

You are most likely to have left over borax solution so just put that into a squirt bottle and you can use that for your next slime you make

This is what it should look like   Image result for rainbow fluffy slime

Monday, 10 April 2017

One with the ocean

The soft gentle waves took me away into the depths of the ocean. Wave after wave was one fish or a whole family. The ocean was as blue as the sky. I fish dived under the water and opened my eyes. I could pretty much see everything, I can see one of the most wonderful creatures in the whole ocean, a dolphin. This cute thing just picked me up and was swimming around the place, with me holding on with one hand on his fin. He leaped out of the water like a really big fish. My hand slipped and I was with the most amazing and beautiful fish in the sea. I poked my head out of the sea and slowly watched the pink and orange sunset come down.

I took a deep breath and went back under the blue blue water I was looking around and saw no cute fish because they were sleeping I swam like a baby dolphin around in circles until I fell asleep I was dreaming about being one with the ocean, like being a fish swimming like a baby dolphin and all that sea life.

Next morning everyone was waking up and some were going to work like under the sea work with there suit and ties on and all of these fancy cloths I was really confused. The dolphins took me to sea some of the strangest looking jellyfish, to me they just looked like big blobs of poop with things hanging out of their bum floating around. Then they quickly swam with me having one hand to hold onto their fin to some big big big I mean humongous whales. They had cute big brown shining eyes with a fat body that could squash you and a big whopping tale the could kill you. They raced each other to the seahorse fair. Well first I could only see a couple of seahorse but as I went walked threw the seaweed it was like a whole different world.

The ones that I met were Jeff, Jeffrey, Bob, Bobby, Lucia (Lucia was probley one of  my favourite ones she was so pretty and smelt really nice) Apple, Cherry and heaps more. There was a backdoor out of this seahorse fair so I just  gapped it. I accidentally left the dolphins behind. I went back up out of the water and got a break from swimming. Soon I knew it was time to go back home. I let the soft gentle waves take me away into the shallow water were there was sand. I got washed up by the see with people surrounding me I said " Im good Im good." I was a bit wobbly when I was walking but then I got the hang of it again.

The EPIC sleepover

We were on google hangouts and Maliesi forgot to end our call and embarrassed her self big time. She yelled out to her mum"MUM WE NEED 5 PACKETS OF LOLLIES CHIPS AND NAPPIES BECAUSE I AM FOR SURE GOING TO PEE MYSELF." I was on the ground laughing just about to have my last breath of life.That was my last breath of life when Cathrine said "We need a large over here please quick quick shes going to explode."

5 minutes later... We were at the supermarket I causally walked into the supermarket and got 5 packets of lollies and chips. I know, I know, you guys are probably thinking "Lila you forgot the large nappies" No cathrine has got them plus only the baby needs them."

Yay! I finally arrived at my destination.  Maliesi screamed "YAY okay now take a left and then take a right and you arrive at THE CRIB, you now have to enter the password take a guess" "Um.. Meika " YES wait how did you get that right "wel.."Meika comes running down the hall way and jumps on me and licks me on my face and legs. I say to maliesi " Meika is officially a part of the hot dog squad  Maliesi said "Lila now what do we do?"

"We should do the chip and lollies taste tester, because we have 10 packets of lollies and chips." Okay sure "here we go, so there is for the lollies M&M's raspberry with chocolate filling inside licorice, Fruit burst Skittles, Milk choc , Starburst, Snakes Jets, red skins and Mars pods" " My favorite was the mars pods.'' Maliesi said " I liked the skittles the most because they were nice and sour" 

"Now its time for the chip taste test" "There is BBQ,SourCreamChives,Salted,Salt and vinegar,Onion,The-works,Chicken,Caramelized Onion,Chilli,Honey Mustard." "My favorite was the Caramelized Onion "mine i would say was Honey mustard.

"Now what do we do" "DAH WE DO THE BOUNCING EXTRAVAGANZA " maliesi yelled "Okay Okay but you need to calm down'' "sure" We bounced and had a pillow fight until we stopped and said ''Thats our work out done."

Finally we settled down and watched a movie. Me and Maliesi both fell asleep lollie drunk on each other, not even half way through the movie. I woke up and we were an hour into the movie and woke up maliesi and said "you missed like half of the movie you were sleeping like half way of the movie" "Oh I do think it is time to go to bed" "Lets go" I said " do you have any sleeping habits" "Yeah i sleep walk sleep talk and snore" "GREAT he we go."